Sharp Eyed Group, LLC is made up of passionate people in the American Sign Language-using community who have big ideas about how to improve our lives.   We exist not only to provide needed services to the ASL community, but also to push the envelope as to what these services look like.  We are not interested in merely providing a safety net, but in providing the means for consumers to get on, and remain on, the trapeze and high wire.

Our services provide ACCESSKNOWLEDGE, and EMPOWERMENT to the community.

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Effective communication between American Sign Language users and Spoken English users requires the best interpreters.  We use Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf-certified interpreters by default and maintain a profile on the best matches between ASL interpreters and Deaf consumers.


Education and Training leads to fuller, richer, and more independent lives.  We host a variety of classes, workshops, and training sessions tailored towards Deaf people and ASL interpreters.


Case Managers bring Deaf consumers together with community resources and contacts in order to navigate situations such as job hunts, personal financial management, inpatient stays, etc.—with the ultimate goal of training and empowering the consumer to take further matters into their own hands.